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What’s an Elaborate Baking Project I Can Make in a Tiny Kitchen?

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What’s an Elaborate Baking Project I Can Make in a Tiny Kitchen?

HA: I do think there are definitely tips for us to share. Even keeping your salt and pepper and maybe an olive oil out on a small tray and just decanting as you need to. What is that equivalent for a bread baker? Having a little bench flour and then larger containers of bread flour and AP flour more at the ready.

HA: And may I offer one piece of very practical kitchen advice? A tip that’s just stuck with me through all these years, is that regardless of your kitchen size or shape, whether it’s a straight galley or a U-shape or an L-shape, you should think of the kitchen work triangle: the fridge, the cooktop, and the sink. Those three points are where everything happens. Being economical in your movements is the key to recipe execution success and being efficient in any space, especially a small space. So if there are ways that you can look at your kitchen space and shift things around on that triangle to make things easier to grab or easier to clean, you might be able to make some small changes to your small space that will make a huge impact on your overall processes.

CM: Such good advice.

HA: Think of all the different ways you can reconfigure. Like you’re not gonna move your fridge around, but you can move your body around, you know?

CM: Right. Chefs have been figuring out smarter ways to do more with less for time immemorial. But don’t feel like your physical space is necessarily by definition a limitation. And with that, Hana, do you want to tell Sam about the recipe you were thinking about?

HA: Given your interest in bread and baking, his recipe came to my mind immediately for its challenge level—because in my mind, bread bakers are in a class unto themselves. It takes a real level and appreciation for precision, timing, all of that good stuff. So I thought I would veer a little bit left and go with Kelly Janke’s Giant Cardamom Bun. It’s a stunner and I feel like it is high effort but high reward. It’s a yeasted dough, but it blends the best of bread baking and pastry. And it’s a really gorgeous, statement-making final outcome. I thought it would be fun and festive for the holidays. 

CM: For anybody who’s not familiar with kardemummabullar, it’s a style of bun with an enriched dough. It’s a small-format bun, meant to serve one. What was so smart about [recipe developer] Kelly Janke’s approach to her large-format bun is that it takes that step out of it. There’s still a little bit of a twist in there, but it’s way more achievable.

HA: Literal twist.

CM: The recipe I wanted to put forth is Bill Clark’s Cocoa Brioche Morning Buns. It’s a laminated enriched dough. There’s a little bit of assembly. There’s a little bit of steppiness. There’s a fair amount of cocoa powder in this, and then there’s pieces of chocolate in some of the layers.

Chris and Hana sent Sam the recipes for the Cocoa Brioche Morning Buns and the Giant Cardamom Bun, and she got to baking. Listen now to hear which sweet bun she chose.

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