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Tomato and mozzarella mousse

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Tomato and mozzarella mousse

This Tomato and mozzarella mousse, is a delightful and fresh appetizer, especially in a hot summer. It brings Italy into your house and welcomes your guests along with that summer feeling.

You will have it made in no time.

Tomato and mozzarella mousse

  • 4 tomatoes
  • half a shallot, chopped
  • 1 ball of mozzarella with moisture
  • tapenade of black olives
  • Olive oil
  • 4 fresh basil leaves
  • Pepper and salt

Peel and deseed the tomatoes and cut them into cubes.

Chop the shallot. Cut 4 basil leaves into strips.

Mix the tomatoes with shallot, basil, pepper and salt.

Mix the ball of mozzarella with the liquid and season with white pepper. Place in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

Divide the tomato salad among small glasses and pipe the mozzarella mousse over it.

Finish with tapenade, olive oil and a basil leaf.


If you wonder why tomato is good for you, than here is why. However, as in many cases, too much is never good

Tomato and mozzarella mousseBecause of its nutritional value and culinary nature, the tomato is considered a vegetable. However, botanically speaking, it is a fruit. With a high dose of vitamin C, it is good for the body in forming connective tissue, absorbing iron and maintaining resistance. In addition, a tomato contains potassium.
For bone formation and a balanced intestinal flora, tomatoes are also good. This is due to the mineral magnesium, which it is also rich in.
Finally, it contains the bioactive substance lycopene. Like vitamin C, this is an antioxidant that has a positive effect on health. Lycopene is particularly important for good prostate health. Several studies have been done on this in recent years. Lycopene alters the genes in prostate cancer cells that have to do with growth and survival. As a result, it may at least delay the onset of prostate cancer in high-risk patients and inhibit the disease process in existing prostate cancer. Admittedly, this finding is not yet definitive.
Tomato in relation to cancer in the gastrointestinal tract

Recently, scientists have gained new knowledge about tomato consumption in relation to cancer in the gastrointestinal system. Apart from the potential health benefits of lycopene, they looked at the vegetable as a whole.
By using tomato extract from two different plants, the team from the Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO) found that the growth and simplification of malignant cancer cells could be contained.
Treatment with the tomato extract exerted an important role on the movement of cells in the body, which could prevent the spread of cancer.

Too much tomato has its downside

As with other healthy products, there are things to watch out for with tomato. For example, if you look at tomato juice, it contains sodium. This substance helps the nervous system function properly and regulate blood pressure. But when taken in excess, it increases the risk of heart problems ranging from high blood pressure to cardiovascular disease.
Eat both fresh and prepared tomatoes

Especially in processed and prepared tomato products such as tomato sauce, tomato juice and ketchup, there is a high content of lycopene. Due to the heating and preparation process of a fresh tomato, the nutrient is better absorbed by the body. A disadvantage of this is that the vitamin C value is lost. To reap the full benefits of the tomato, it is important to eat both fresh and prepared tomatoes.

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