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The Ultimate Guide To Cooking For Special Occasions | Home Cooking FULL EPISODE

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The Ultimate Guide To Cooking For Special Occasions | Home Cooking FULL EPISODE

During my career, i’ve worked in some of the world’s best restaurants, where every meal is a special occasion, but this type of food isn’t that practical at home, with my ultimate food for special occasions i’ll, be showing you some stunning dishes guaranteed to knock the socks off. Anyone, but, crucially, these dishes are still really easy to pull off. First up, one of my family’s favorite breakfast treats sumptuous eggs benedict with crispy parma ham, followed by a dish fit to take center stage. At any special occasion, lunch luscious grilled lobster served with bloody mary linguine. The smell of that chili and garlic potter is extraordinary and jack, and i cook up the ultimate unforgettable dinner for a ramsay clan get together.

It doesn’t get more memorable than this nice. A superb rare fillet of beef with salsa veldi and baked new potatoes, with an indulgent twist and for dessert, an amazing chocolate and pistachio semi-freddo. These are my ultimate recipes for a special occasion. Breakfast lunch and dinner kicking things off with a beautiful breakfast of eggs benedict with crispy parmesan, the secret behind a great eggs benedict is in the hollandaise, so get your pan on, because i’m going to cook our hollandaise over a rolling boil with a glass bowl butter. Just put it on to melt three egg yolks separated from the white tarragon, vinegar pop that into the eggs.

If you can’t get tarragon vinegar, any white wine vinegar will do just as long as you’ve got that acidity in there give some bite to the hollandaise. Put your bowl over the rolling water and just start whisking. If the eggs had direct contact with the gas, hollandaise will become scrambled egg once you’ve got that nice, creamy texture, a nice thick savion start adding your butter, nice and slowly a couple of tablespoons of butter in and give that a really nice mix. If you don’t whisk it enough, the egg yolks don’t take the butter. It causes it to split with more butter using a big balloon.

Whisk, like this one makes it easier to incorporate air and helps prevent your mixture from separating all the butter in and the best way to keep hollandaise nice and warm is just leave it to sit over that nice warm water bath, and it just keeps at a Really, nice room temperature, a nice pinch of salt, fresh pepper and then fresh lemon juice that just really makes it vibrant exciting. I want it’s like a sort of thick custard. I just want it to coat the back of the spoon, so it’s like you’re, giving the a nice glossy texture to your beautiful poached egg. Now as the base for the eggs benedict, you cannot beat english muffins, but the ham, i’m gon na change. I’M gon na use the most amazing parma ham.

Get your pan, nice and hot into the pan. Like posh rashes are bacon, beautiful, [, Music, ], parlor ham, fried nice and crisp like that is incredible. Beautiful in salads, fantastic for eggs, benedict [, Music ]. Now keep that pan, nice and hot. I want all that flavor from the parma ham left in there, and rather than toast my muffins.

I want to put the muffins into the pan. I’M sucking up all that wonderful flavor from that crispy parmesan make sure your muffins are toasted nicely. This will prevent them going soggy later. Look at that nice and crisp now water on to boil for the eggs nicely seasoned, really important and then just a little splash of vinegar in the water that helps to set the egg white. The minute you crack it in, while the water heats up in the pan, there’s time to get organized, lay a nice slice of ham on the base.

Now water’s brought up to the ball, turn it down and then spin your water around like a little whirlpool, then get a little cup. So you just drop the cup in and look what happens to the egg gets caught up in the turbulence of the water. The secret is not the ball. The water rapidly because the strength of the ball can literally explode your egg as they start to move the way up to the top of the water. That’S a indication that they’re cooked take off any excess little bits of egg white and then out onto a piece of tissue paper that just drains off excess water that stops your muffin from getting really soggy.

But look they’re like little beautiful mozzarella balls give them a little season, lift them on to your crispy parmesan useful. Now get a nice spoon of your hollandaise glaze over try and do it in one glazing over the whole egg. [ Applause ]. When i tell jack holly and megan and matilda that we’re cooking eggs benedict for breakfast, they bolt down the stairs and, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t run to sit in front of those [ Music ] a special occasion breakfast that would make anyone feel spoiled eggs benedict With crispy parmesan beauties, [, Music ], the key ingredients for my ultimate special occasion, lunch and dinner aren’t cheap to make sure you get the best value when you go out shopping, here’s a closer look at them. First, up for lunch i’ll be using one of the world’s ultimate luxury foods, lobsters not cheap, but they’re, sure to impress they can be bought, live when they’re, usually a greeny brown or blue color or cooked with their more familiar red hue, lobsters can grow to almost Five kilo, but the smaller the specimen, the more tender it will be.

I think three quarters of a kilo is a good size to go for. If you save the shell, it will make an excellent stock bisque or lobster sauce [ Music ]. Next, the truffle ounce for ounce they’re, one of the most expensive foods in the world rich and earthy in flavor. The price of these subterranean delicacies is determined by the type shape and size. The good news is a little of these odd.

Looking fungi will go a long long way i’ll be using shavings of black truffle to raise some baked potatoes from the ordinary to the extraordinary next sensational beef fillet prized for its melt in the mouth tenderness. This quick to cook lean cut comes from the loin of the animal running along either side of the backbone look for dry aged fillet. As the beef hangs, natural enzymes break down the tissue, making it even more succulent and flavoursome dry hb philips will be joining my pimped up, truffle potatoes. In my superb special occasion dinner, i don’t think home cooking should ever be difficult, even when you’re putting together food for special occasions. One of the key secrets to getting the wow factor into your food is to buy great ingredients and let them do the talking.

For my ultimate special occasion, lunch i’ve got some stunning and i mean stunning lobsters and i’ll be cooking them very simply with chilli and garlic butter serving them with bloody mary linguine [, Music ]. I’M going to start with the pasta sauce. I love the indulgence in this dish if i was doing this for the kids, i’d scrap the vodka and just do like a virgin [ Music ]. It’S mary bit of a grown-ups dish now: pan nice and hot splash of olive oil, onions in seasoning, touch of salt and pepper garlic, be nice and generous with your garlic. It’S not just your average tomato sauce.

It’S a royal stunning tomato sauce you’re in for a big treat season. Your onions and garlic. The tabasco that’ll, give that really nice lift little pinch of celery salt spice that up with worcester sauce it instantly colors. The tomatoes goes brilliantly well with a celery salt tabasco and that nice caramelized garlic a little light sprinkling of sugar. All the worcester sauce has reduced down.

We’Ve got this nice sweet, spicy, sticky, garlicky onion base glaze with a couple of spoons of vodka. In chopped tomatoes in little touch of water, look at the color! Oh, that sauce check the seasoning. That’S delicious, bring that up to the boil and cook it out. Six to eight minutes, reduce it down slowly turn down the gas, let that simmer with my sauce simmering.

I can move on to a delicious breadcrumb topping to dress my linguini i’ll fry off my breadcrumbs get them nice and crispy, but don’t put too much oil in there. Otherwise the bread will just absorb it. They become greasy beautifully season them and they go really nice and golden brown 30 seconds before they come out flat, leaf parsley, roll that through your breadcrumbs, and that is going to finish the linguini on top. You can hear how crisp they are before. I cook the linguini i’m going to make the chili butter that will flavour my lobster get your chili and slice it.

I want to take advantage of all those seeds chili in a touch of salt, a nice clove of garlic and get some parsley. [ Music. ] start breaking that down, but i’m looking for a lovely garlic, chili paste exactly like that. Now don’t overdo it with the butter herb butters are a great way to flavor fish and meat. They can be used as a stuffing in dishes like chicken, kiev or added towards the end of a dish as a delicious glaze lobsters they’re, already cooked so firmly place the lobster flat on your board.

There’S a little crisscross here line there and a line going across put the point of the knife in and just push through the head turn the lobster around cut through the lobster snap, the legs off snap, the claws off just get the back of your knife, crack Them spread that beautiful butter on go into the heads as well, and then the claws take off bits of the shell and get little bits of butter in there. This can be done way in advance for me, the longer that chili butter sits. On top of that lobster, the better the flavor, especially when they hit the grill, while my lobster firms up in the fridge, i can finish cooking. My linguine water brought up to the boil seasoned nicely and a little touch of olive oil. Now, linguine in first that’s gon na take the longest eight to ten minutes in as linguine starts softening at the bottom.

Just gently turn that around always wait. The linguine is nice and soft. That way, you don’t break those nice strands. Give that a good mix get your lid back on [ Music ] and bring that to the ball rapidly after eight to ten minutes. My linguini should be perfect.

You want it al dente, slightly firm, not too chewy, absolutely spot-on drain, that into a colander shake a little bit of water from the pasta into my sauce, and she goes start twisting the linguine round. I want that bloody mary spicing up the linguine always hold up the center of the pan first and place it onto the plate. Let go of that nice big lump by doing this you’ll get a mountainous pile of spaghetti with more body. Then generously cover that with your crispy breadcrumbs, absolutely beautiful. Last but not least, i need to cook my chilled herb buttered lobsters on a smoking hot griddle that butter’s gotten really nice and firm.

So the idea is snapping that down and grilling the smell of that chili and garlic butter is extraordinary, because the lobster’s cooked all you’re doing is grilling that delicious spicy chili butter. You just want that mark of the char quickly on the lobster turn that over smell is incredible. [, Music ] now get that on [ Music ]. You can understand why it is proper, special occasion food because that is mind-blowing [, Music, ] griddled lobster with chili and garlic butter serves with a boozy bloody, merry linguine, a sensational special occasion: lunch [, Music ]. In my restaurants, the kitchens are divided into different sections.

There’S a section that cooks, fish and fish only another for the meat and so on the chef’s become so good because they’re constantly improving all the time practice makes perfect. So if you get a chance, give my ultimate special occasion dinner a trial run before you cook. It on your big night on the menu is a succulent rare beef fillet with salsa velvee served with roasted truffle new potatoes. This is designed to make your special occasion one to remember and to end our ramsay get together with a bang. I’Ve enlisted willing sous chef jack to help me make a sublime chocolate and pistachio semi-freddo.

I know you love chocolate right, we’ll break this up, so it melts nice and evenly all right. That goes over a memory and you can’t put the chocolate in direct contact with the gas yeah okay. Otherwise it will split crack four eggs in every blue. One of course hold on like that on the side and then your fingers in and pull out. Okay, good nice, now you’re cracking eggs with one hand nice one.

I need some mussels. Okay, start whisking and i’ll fold in a bit of sugar. Come on. Let’S do 30 seconds each ready. Okay, come on jack, give it some 13 year old.

Welly come on some muscles 10 seconds to go nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two one! All right here we go your turn with sugar. Let’S go you see the secret. The whisking vigorously is changing hands every ten seconds. Yep.

Now i’m gon na stir the chocolate i’ll stir that now the secret behind this is getting it really nice and thick, and that’s like a stabbing on okay, your turn come on change, change again. Yeah, of course, also the chocolate leave that to slightly cool down a touch from there cream in why putting the cream in separately, because i’m gon na get it nice and thick first. If you start whisking that i’m gon na get in the vanilla to maximize the flavor from a vanilla bean, cut the pot in half lengthways and scrape out those wonderfully aromatic seeds for extra flavor, put the pod in as well, but remember to take it out. Once it’s infused, so we’ve got three components: the melted, chocolate, yes, sugar, yes and the eggs whipped up and the cream with the vanilla next mix in your melted chocolate with the sugar and egg sauvignon. So you got a nice rich chocolate, ganache smell how delicious i’m now i’m putting the cream, and so you just whisk that in now look at that.

How gorgeous is that looking and that my son is a chocolate semifreddo. Now they taste [ Music, ], pistachio, sachets, right, sprinkle them in now get your bacon tray. You line that with cling film. So it’s easy to pull out once it sets, and then you just pour that in. That is a real treat.

So you fold that over okay is this like ice cream in any way yeah as it sets you slice it. It’S like this nice chocolate ice block. Delicious then, put your semi-freddo into the freezer for around three hours to set right jack, get that pan nice and hot recognize that fillet of beef. This is a rolls-royce cup of beef, so we’ve got to treat it with some respect. Okay, yeah mop up all that seasoning yeah into the pan and get that really nice and hot hello, teal, kiss mmm, kiss [ Music ] a little bit of garlic and thyme in there cooking with these aromatic herbs and garlic will add flavor to the beef, because It’S a fillet of beef, there’s hardly any fat on there, so you sear it quickly ends as well gets seared.

I’M gon na now put some butter in. There continue frying all those herbs now baste that with the butter see lana we’re just having this. Are we gon na have something with it now we’re gon na serve some beautiful, baked potatoes with truffle and a salsa verde into the oven eight to ten minutes? That’S all [ Music ]. Next, my super special bake, new potatoes wash and drain small new potatoes and tip into a baking tray drizzle with olive oil, then season with a touch of salt and freshly ground, black pepper place into an oven, preheated at 180 degrees celsius and bake for 35 minutes.

Until crisp on the outside and soft, all the way through transfer to your serving dish and grate over fresh parmesan cheese. Last but not least, shave gorgeous earthy black truffle slivers onto the cheesy potatoes bake, new potatoes, with a lavish twist indulgent, but couldn’t be simpler to make right, sounds a birthday anchovies little touch of anchovy oil in there. Okay, we have anchovies. After that, we’ve got some capers garlic in with the anchovies and the capers. Okay, a touch of salt, one only a touch, because you call the salt from the actually that’s right.

Well, then, dijon mustard sugar vinegar give that a nice mix. Now this is where it starts to go to a completely different level, some fresh mint and some fresh parsley. I want half of it in there pureed a touch of olive oil in there in the rest of the mint, a touch of salt, pepper, excited yeah. You know taste, i’d love, some of these. What’S it taste like fat might need to try a tiny bit more just to check.

Stop you can’t kiss any boys now before the kids, polish off all the sounds of elderly. I need a distraction and i think my b phillip will do the job nicely. Look at this baby hot holes up, look at that seared and look how juicy and tender that is take that out and let that sit on there a little spoon just while it sits and rests. Obviously, building as the beef cools down that south of the other marinades that goes to the table very carefully, please tails take it over the baked potatoes. Please all right send me photo now.

Look at that nice [ Applause, ] wow and then you just get the chocolate and you grate it over [, Music, ] she’s gorgeous. How delicious is that? Let’S get one, do not drop that please! Okay, i’m going up to my bedroom now jack! This is my ultimate special occasion dinner: the tenderest rare beef fillet with punchy salsa velde served with extravagant truffled new potatoes and a sublime chocolate, pistachio semifredo.

It’S always a special occasion in our house when my wonderful mum and her husband jimmy turn up for dinner, sit down guys, please [, Music ]. This is a definite special occasion. Cheers nan nice to see you. There are loads, more great home, cooking recipes on my app cook with me. You can find it in the app store.

Good luck! You

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