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The Original Tiramisu of Italy

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The Original Tiramisu of Italy

The Original Tiramisu of Italy

The Original Tiramisu of Italy







Today Tiramisu is a popular Italian dessert.

Originally, Tiramisu was made with yolks, honey, and a Cyprus Gewurztraminer. 

The finest Mascarpone cheese comes right from Italy. For this reason, Galbani is my first choice for mascarpone. Also, Vermont Creamery is a good choice. Always make sure the mascarpone has a long use-by date. Old mascarpone can cause the tiramisu cream to be too loose to set properly

This creme can be made at home and is– in reality – a lot easier to make than a great deal of Italian food.

There are many suppliers of Mascarpone cheese in America if you’re an Italian food fanatic who likes to prepare Tiramisu at home.

Here is Authentic Italian Tiramisu Recipe, an Italian dessert made from Savoiardi ladyfingers taken in coffee, set up in layers, and filled with a cream made with mascarpone and eggs. 

Tiramisu is among the most popular Italian desserts on the planet. The Tiramisu is born in Treviso (a beautiful town near Venice). It is simple and scrumptious to make.

We’ll provide you with some pointers to make the finest Tiramisu dish, even without those components (at the end of this dish you can check out some pointers).

Now follow the instructions of this dish and make the very best Tiramisu you have ever eaten!The Original Tiramisu of Italy

Genuine Italian Tiramisu Recipe : 

– Preparation Time: 30 Min

– Cooling Time: 3 H.

– Servings: 8.


– 300 g (10,5 oz) Savoiardi Ladyfingers. We advise LADYFINGERS you purchase– prepared to utilize, or you can make homemade ladyfingers.

– 500 g (1,1 pound) of mascarpone cheese.

– 4 medium eggs (about 220 g/7,7 oz without shells).

– 100 g (1/2 cup) of granulated sugar.

If espresso), – 300 ml (1 1/4 cup) of coffee (much better.

– 2 tablespoons of Amaretto or Marsala red wine.

– unsweetened cocoa powder.


Tiramisu Recipe: Kitchen Tools and Equipment.

To make this delicious Italian dessert you require a ceramic baking pan. For 8 individuals you require one of about 30 x 19 cm (12 x 8 inch).

You require an electrical stand mixer that is a terrific aid for making the best tiramisu.


Step 1 :

The Original Tiramisu of ItalyFirst of all, make the coffee. If you do not like liqueurs or you are making Tiramisu for kids, do not utilize it. Your tiramisu is terrific all the same, even without liqueur.

Step 2 : 

Separate egg whites from yolks. Take a bowl and whip the egg whites up until stiff: you will get at it when the egg whites will not move if you turn the bowl over.

Step 3 :

Now in a bowl blend the egg yolks with the sugar up until smooth and pale, 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 4 :

In the meantime, put the mascarpone cheese into a bowl, then work it with a spoon to make it softer. Mascarpone cheese should be of exceptional quality, thick and velvety. When the egg yolks are prepared, add the mascarpone cheese.

Step 5 : 

Using the flex edge beater, blend the mascarpone cream gradually for 2 or 3 minutes. Now add stiffening egg whites.

Step 6 :

 Mix with a wooden spoon, from bottom to top. Mix gradually till it’s velvety and smooth.

Step 7 :

Now we are going to make the layers of ladyfingers and mascarpone cream. You can make 2 or more layers, depending on the width and depth of your pan. Savoiardi needs to not engage too much coffee, otherwise, your Tiramisu will turn out too soaked.

Step 8 :

Arrange them to cover the bottom of the pan. Spread out the mascarpone cream on top of the Savoiardi.

Step 9 :

Add another layer of Savoiardi and after that cover with more mascarpone cream. Spread plenty of mascarpone cream if you are making the last layer. Tiramisu is ready!

Step 10 :

Last but not least, spray with cocoa powder. It is even much better if you make the tiramisu the day before and have it rest all night long in the refrigerator. 

The Original Tiramisu of Italy


What can go wrong?

  • First of all, do make sure the mascarpone has a long use-by date. Old mascarpone can trigger the tiramisu cream to be too loose to set effectively
  • Savoiardi must not engage in excessive coffee, while your Tiramisu will end up too soaked.
  • In case you keep your eggs in the refrigerator, it is best to take them out for 30 minutes. ahead of time, so they are not too cold.
  • Make sure your cream does not curdle. To clarify:
  • Whenever over whipping can trigger the fat to separate, triggering the mix to curdle.
  • Allowing the mascarpone to get too warm can create chaos with the fat in the mascarpone triggering it to curdle.
  • Using a mascarpone that is too cold can trigger coagulation. Let it remain for 15-20 minutes before utilizing.
  • Over whipping can trigger the fat to separate, triggering the mix to curdle.

For how long and where can you keep Tiramisu?

Above all, you can keep Tiramisu for several days (at many) well covered in the fridge. It can be frozen and kept in the freezer for about 2 weeks.



Equally important are wines that can be served with Tiramisu.

In case you love Italian wines, we can advise you of some delicious wines that can be served with Tiramisu.

Tiramisu and wines are an amazing mix of tastes that should be skillfully stabilized to boost the ideal mix in between this dessert and his beverage.

The perfect pairing for this dessert is a passion wine, extreme in scent and taste. Above all, we would suggest you :

  • Donnafugata– Ben Ryé Passito di Pantelleria.
  • Franz Haas– Moscato Rosa Schweizer.
  • Barone Montalto– Collezione di Famiglia Zibibbo.

Another fascinating mix is with Marsala, a prepared white wine typically utilized in the preparation of tiramisu itself. We suggest Marco de Bartoli– Vigna la Miccia Marsala Superiore Oro.

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