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  • mashed potatoes with minced meat
    mashed potatoes with minced meat

    A typical Belgian dish: stoemp. It is a dish of pureed or mashed potatoes and other root vegetables, and can also include cream, bacon, onion or shallot, herbs, and spices. You can vary it endlessly, with meat or fish, and matching vegetables. It is a simple dish, which is quick to prepare. The vegetables and potatoes can be prepared in a steam cooker. Always nice on a cold winter day. The name of the dish sometimes includes the kind of vegetables inside it, for example “Wortelstoemp” includes carrots (wortel). This specific combination may also contain egg yolk. Mashed potatoes with minced meat for 4 persons 1.5 kg potatoes 1 chopped onion 100 g bacon cubes 250 gr minced pork a…

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