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  • The Ultimate Guide To Cooking For Special Occasions | Home Cooking FULL EPISODE
    The Ultimate Guide To Cooking For Special Occasions | Home Cooking FULL EPISODE

    During my career, i’ve worked in some of the world’s best restaurants, where every meal is a special occasion, but this type of food isn’t that practical at home, with my ultimate food for special occasions i’ll, be showing you some stunning dishes guaranteed to knock the socks off. Anyone, but, crucially, these dishes are still really easy to pull off. First up, one of my family’s favorite breakfast treats sumptuous eggs benedict with crispy parma ham, followed by a dish fit to take center stage. At any special occasion, lunch luscious grilled lobster served with bloody mary linguine. The smell of that chili and garlic potter is extraordinary and jack,…

  • Lobster Bisque Soup
    Lobster Bisque Soup

    The lobster bisque is very rich, so a small serving (about two-thirds cup per person) is plenty. At the restaurant, this is baked in individual crocks, with puff pastry on top. Ingredients: 2 lb boiled lobsters, medium sized 2 1/2 c fish or chicken stock 1 onion, sliced 4 celery stalks, with leaves 2 cloves, whole 1 bay leaf 1/4 c soft butter 1/4 c flour 3 c milk; heated 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg 1 c cream; hot but not boiling 2 tablespoons sherry 1/8 teaspoon parsley; minced 1/8 teaspoon paprika Directions: Remove the meat from boiled lobsters. Dice and reserve the body meat and mince the tail and claw meat. Crush the shells and add them to the stock along with the onion, celery, cloves and bay…

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