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  • Croque monsieur
    Croque monsieur

    Croque monsieur is traditionally a warm toast, with cheese and ham between two slices of white bread. Who doesn’t love blissfully crispy croques?  According to the Petit Robert dictionary, the name dates to around 1960. The dish originated in French cafés and bars as a quick snack. The name comes from the French words croque (“bite”) and monsieur (“mister”). A croque monsieur served with a poached or lightly fried egg on top is known as a croque madame, or in some parts of Normandy: a croque-à-cheval.In the United Kingdom, a ham-and-cheese hot snack is called a toastie. So if you are very hungry, but you have little time to prepare dinner, then a croque is quick…

  • Macaroni ham salad
    Macaroni ham salad

    Macaroni ham salad, this recipe with macaroni, ham, mushrooms and olives is truly delicious. Ideal for on the warmer days as a cold dish in the spring or summer. Or for a nice, old-fashioned picnic at sunset on the beach. Ideal and super easy this summer pasta salad, because you can make an extra large amount of cold macaroni salad and eat it for several days. Are you vegetarian? Then omit the ham in the Macaroni ham salad. And instead of butterfly macaroni, you can choose the more traditional macaroni or any other pasta will also do. Obviously, you can add tomatoes if you like, or change the ham into bacon. Let your inspiration go wild! Macaroni ham salad 200 g butterfly macaroni (7.1…

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