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  • Sandwich Brie and figs
    Sandwich Brie and figs

    Sandwich Brie and figs, a great combination. Do you often have little time but are very hungry? Then this Brie sandwich with fresh figs is healthy and very tasty. For a bit of sweetness, you can add some honey. It’s made in a jiffy, and you will, promise, savor it! For Sandwich Brie and figs you need: Baguette Brie A fresh fig Lettuce Enoki mushrooms Fresh oregano Balsamic vinegar cream For the dressing Olive oil Wine vinegar Fresh basil leaves Briefly heat the enoki mushrooms in little olive oil and finish with pepper and fresh oregano. Set aside for a moment. For the dressing: make a light dressing from olive oil, fresh basil leaves and wine vinegar. It is best to do this with a…

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