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  • Broth, back to basics
    Broth, back to basics

    Broth is the liquid that remains after cooking fish, meat, vegetables or poultry. For vegetable broths, it’s perfect to use leftover vegetables. For fish, meat or poultry stock, add extra flavor by adding bones or bones to the stock. In essence, a broth is an extract. By allowing the ingredients to infuse, the flavor and fragrance are dissolved into the water. As a result, a broth is very fragrant and rich in flavor, even though it consists overwhelmingly of water. It contains little energy and is appetizing. You can freeze this broth in portions. This is very handy, so you have always some stock. Vegetable broth 6 stalks of green celery 3 leeks 4 carrots and 4 onions a few sprigs…

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