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Smoky Pork Sliders with BBQ Sauce | Gordon Ramsay

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Smoky Pork Sliders with BBQ Sauce | Gordon Ramsay


What do you think of a burger? What you need is a great sauce and I, like smoky barbecue, goes hand in glove with a great burger start by finely chopping one onion and three cloves of garlic. My smart pan, tablespoon of olive oil, onions and garlic into the pan, a nice seasoning, salt and pepper. Now, the secret of a good barbecue sauce. Is that really important camera zation to begin with a nice tablespoon brown sugar?


It darkens the onions, but it really starts to sort of give that nice syrupy body to the source I’ll put a little bit of heat in there. Now a nice teaspoon of smoked paprika. That’S the important part of working with spices got ta cook them out whoa. I sort of burn off that walnuts, especially with a smoked paprika. It’S exactly where I want it to go.


Onions and garlic, beautifully caramelized cider vinegar in could you sat down now? I’Ve got a fantastic smoky base to complete the sauce. I’M making my life really easy and adding pre-made Worcester sauce and tomato ketchup turn that out for two to three minutes now, depending on how thick you like the barbecue sauce. That term is how long you cook it out, for I don’t want to be too runny, but a knowledge suite they either. That’S the consistency, we’re looking for [ Music ], but we turn on the gas and such a season now take that out is the kind of source that I’d like to have sort of bottled up in the fridge it’s great for sandwiches, but goes brilliantly well with These sliders homemade smoky barbecue sauce get a panel of white, now start the mix to the sliders.


So you might mix a really interesting flavor and texture, I’m gon na be using unsmoked Bank bacon. I travel all over the world and I spend a lot of time in the States. They know how to make a great slider text: sliders beef, sliders chicken sliders, there’s almost like a way of having a burger, but on a much smaller miniature level. Teaspoon of olive oil on that bacon to get really nice and crispy bacon in this just gives the really nice sort of chunky delicious makes on texture, and pork is perfect for a slider and tapash lot. Slots are a lot sweeter than your normal white onion.


Five. Five, five, and in now, that Bacon’s getting really nice and crispy. I want a bit of heat in there. A little teaspoon smoked paprika in there, and we see these fibers in the states and one portion there’s like four or five of them. A little mini one bite us incredible.


Now, take your pork just open up and give that a really nice evening so important. You can’t season a slider after you cooked it impossible, so seasoned it nicely baked. Now it’s nice and crispy just take little touch kitchen run and just drain that off there, pat that nice and dry. I want all that nice sort of Chris penis in there beautiful mix all that in take a nice ball and sort of roll it size of a golf ball, get it nice and round first and then three fingers just Pat that down don’t flap them too thin. Otherwise be able to cook and they go sort of dry, because sliders are bite-sized burgers designed to go in small buns.


You don’t want to make them too big. Yes, get a pan, nice and hot tablespoon of olive oil when a slider is literally that affect about an inch thick, we’re going to take two and a half to three minutes. Each side in [, Music, ] tell them over lovely once you’ve turned them tilt. The pan and just spoon all that juice back into them give my mouth watering up very easy to dry the pork out. So just feeling it now, you think, is nice and firm the little touch of springiness in the center and happy rhodes.


Add your cheese. Now still gets nicely melted, I’m using wedges of smoked cheddar, and it has that nice sort of sorry smoky creaminess to the slider finely shredded baby. Gem lettuce just take those buns, make sure they’re sliced nice and evenly take your lettuce quite generous from the lettuce. It’S a nice, thin slice of tomato. Take your burgers see that cheese, goofy melted, the barbecue sauce place the top on, and that is my version.


The slider that is small dynamic but packed full of flavor I’ll. Take that over Hamburg any day, [ Music ], like that, we call this butterfly in the chicken. I want the crispness on the top, the pure on the bottom of the can off, and then it


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