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French Fries, Made In Belgium

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French Fries, Made In Belgium

French Fries…. Made in Belgium


There is no tourist, who visits Belgium and who does not try real Belgium-made French Fries. In Belgium, it is called “varieties”.

To illustrate, every Belgian Family will eat a minimum of once a week (and sometimes more often), French Fries. It is an easy and fast way to get your family a nice dinner.

Moreover, you can eat it with a burger, with a scrambled egg, fish, salad, tomatoes,….

How do you make homemade fresh French Fries? Not the ones you buy (frozen) in a supermarket. It is not difficult at all! You just have to pay attention to following instructions.

1. Which kind of potatoes do you need?

For good fries, you start with the right potato. … Floury starchy potatoes brown too quickly, even before the fries are cooked. Waxy potatoes, with their relatively large water content, have a good bite but have trouble turning brown.French Fries…. Made in Belgium

In particular. potatoes are very suitable to make fries :

  • Agria potato
  • Yukon Gold
  • Idaho Russet

First of all, peel the potatoes and after that, cut the potatoes into small parts by using a French Fry Cutter.


In case you do not have a French Fry cutter,  you can always do it by hand, using a knife Get a cutting board and slice the potatoes lengthwise. The ideal size is approx.  1/4-inch plank.

Besides, some people like really thin Fries, others like more thick fries.


2. Wash and dry the raw fries

After you have cut the potatoes into small parts, you have to wash them thoroughly and dip them dry on a clean kitchen towel (preferably you only use for the French Fries).

To prevent water from getting into the frying fat, you must dry the fries properly. If you don’t do this, the temperature of the frying fat will drop and you will get a foaming reaction.

French Fries…. Made in Belgium

3. Fry only small amounts of French Fries.

Above all, do not fry too many fries. At first, this will cause the temperature of the frying fat to drop again. In the second place, you will end up with fries that stick together.


4. Best oils toFrench Fries…. Made in Belgium use for making French fries

There are several oils to choose from for frying French fries. Hereafter you will find some oils, which provide a neutral flavor and a high smoke point.

For example :

  • Corn oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Canola oil
  • Rice bran oil
  • Vegetable oil

(olive oil is not suitable for French fries, because it cannot be used at high temperatures.

5. Fry the Fries 2 times.

  • On 160°C for 5 min.
  • Let them cool until they are cold (approx. 30 min).
  • Bake the fries a second time at 190° C for a few minutes until they are nicely gold/brown and crispy
  • If you choose the wrong temperature, the fries will absorb much more fat and won’t be crispy.


6. Change your frying fat regularly

Usually after 10 to 20 frying sessions. If you fry breaded things like croquettes in your frying fat, then you need to change it much sooner. It is also not enough to add some extra fresh fat.

  • Most important,clean your deep fryer thoroughly each time you change the oil, this will also ensure that your appliance will last much longer.
  • After every frying session, it is important to remove all the food residues from the fat. Leftovers such as small French fries will burn and harm the quality of the fat.


7. Stainless steel deep fryer

Use a stainless steel deep fryer with a temperature (and time) setting. With this in mind, you prevent the oil from getting too hot.


French Fries…. Made in Belgium







8.  What can be served with French fries? 


Serve your homemade French fries immediately, so that they are still very warm. For instance, you can serve this with a salad, a burger, an egg, ….

In Belgium, we usually put some salt (not too much) on the fries and we eat them with some mayo or ketchup. It is delicious !!

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