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Fancy fruit cherry punch

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Fancy fruit cherry punch

Fancy fruit cherry punch, where did it find its origins? “Punch” comes from the ancient Indian language. “Punch” indicates “five”– is as needed components are present in the traditional recipe. This drink came from India to Europe and further. For the first time the name “punch” will certainly meet in the British newspapers in the early XVII century. The very first blow was the basis of different spirits– brandy, beer or red wine. Yet after the discovery of Jamaica in 1655, she came to be the major element of the Roma.

Today is called Punch almost any kind of drink (both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic as well), containing fruit or fruit juice. There are several variaties of this recipe. The drink might be a variety of ingredients such as honey, tea, brandy. The stamp making ice-cooling, as well as hot winter months. The main point– it is not recommended to heat it over 60-70 ° C, or else the taste can not alter for the better.

This fruity cherry punch is the ideal drink for a hot summer, fresh, cooling and very tasteful. Because there is a wide variety possible, you can mix and add whatever you like. Sweet fruit or a bit more sour, wine or more juices, you name it. So enjoy this punch and as they say: cheers, bottoms up, santé, slainte!


And here is our favourite fancy fruit cherry punch

  • 1 l dry white wine or rose (33.8 us fl oz)
  • 0.5l preserved cherries on alcohol (16.9 us fl oz)
  • 0.5l preserved cherries on sirup (16.9 us fl oz)
  • a mixture of small fruits for decoration: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.
  • 0.5l apple juice with red fruits (16.9 us fl oz)

Pfancy fruit cherry punchut the chilled wine in a glass bowl. Add all the cherries. Finally add the apple juice with red fruits. Add extra wine or extra cherries as desired.


Serve in a glass bowl.
Place a block of frozen apple juice in the preparation to keep everything cool.
Decorate the glasses with a cherry or sugar around the edge.

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