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  • Blueberries muffins
    Blueberries muffins

    Blueberries muffins, healthy because of the blueberries, and sweet like a dessert. That is why this is a great combination. And above all, it is easy to make. If you want to vary, you can put other ingredients like cherries or bananas. And why not try some healthy nuts in it? In this recipe of blueberry muffins, we keep it simple. Enjoy! for 6 persons Ingredients blueberries muffins 75 gr blueberries 300 gr flour 1 tsp baking powder 150 gr soft brown sugar 120 gr soft butter 250 ml milk 2 eggs Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Mix the flour with the sugar and baking powder. Make sure the butter is soft and then add it to the dry ingredients, along with the milk and eggs. Mix everything…

  • Cake Decorating Ideas for All Occasions
    Cake Decorating Ideas for All Occasions

    You really don’t need a special occasion to decorate a cake, but some events that can be made unforgettable and extra special with a decorated treat are holidays, birthdays, graduations, religious occasions, showers, weddings, and other personal special events. Here are some cake decorating ideas that will help you make any occasion special: New Year’s Champagne Toast Bake one 9-in. round and one 9×12-in. rectangle cake. Cut the round in half. Use one half for the top of the champagne glass. Cut a 2 or 3-inch long strip for the stem of the glass and a 2 x 4-inch section for the base of the glass. Piece them together to form the champagne glass. To be sure all the pieces stay…

  • How to Make a Perfect Meringue
    How to Make a Perfect Meringue

    Meringue is one type of dessert that appeared originally in France although it is believed that Gasparini, an Italian chef, invented meringue sometime between the 17th and early 18th centuries in the town of Meiringen in Switzerland. Meringue is a very sweet and light dessert, which is also considered a candy. It is generally made from sugar and whipped egg whites. The typical measurement is half a cup of caster sugar and 2 beaten egg whites. Meringue recipes sometimes call for small amounts of flavor extracts, for example, half a teaspoon of almond and/or vanilla extracts. Basically, the sugar is dissolved into the beaten egg whites to make…

  • The Tiramisu Cake
    The Tiramisu Cake

    Today Tiramisu is the most popular of Italian food desserts. It graces the menu of nearly every Italian food restaurant. However, its rise to fame has been meteoric; it wasn’t even invented until the 1970’s in the Veneto region of Italy. It didn’t even gain widespread popularity until the early 1990’s. It is a unique blend of ingredients that separately seem to not go together at all. However, when correctly blended together they form one of the treasures of Italian food. The first ingredient is Mascarpone cheese. This cheese has very deep roots in Italian food. It was made as far back as the 13th century in the region of Lombardy. This cheese is concentrated milk…

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