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  • Blueberries muffins
    Blueberries muffins

    Blueberries muffins, healthy because of the blueberries, and sweet like a dessert. That is why this is a great combination. And above all, it is easy to make. If you want to vary, you can put other ingredients like cherries or bananas. And why not try some healthy nuts in it? In this recipe of blueberry muffins, we keep it simple. Enjoy! for 6 persons Ingredients blueberries muffins 75 gr blueberries 300 gr flour 1 tsp baking powder 150 gr soft brown sugar 120 gr soft butter 250 ml milk 2 eggs Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Mix the flour with the sugar and baking powder. Make sure the butter is soft and then add it to the dry ingredients, along with the milk and eggs. Mix everything…

  • Kaiserschmarrn

    Kaiserschmarrn, an imperial dessert Kaiserschmarrn is an imperial dessert from Austria. So everytime you make it, you can feel a bit like an emperor. Serve the kaiserschmarrn on a beautiful porcelain plate, together with an elegant coffee cup (or tea cup), and you have the perfect setting. Kaiserschmarrn is a very tasty dessert, but be aware. Afterwards you can climb mountains, because it is not a light dessert. It is usually served with plum compote, but a mixture of red berries or a vanilla sauce can also do the trick. How do you make these Kaiserschmarrn? 120 gr flour (4.2 oz) 4 eggs 30 gr sugar (1 ounce) Salt 250 ml milk (8.5 us fl oz) Raisins Plum compote Mix the flour, sugar, salt…

  • Bread pudding with raisins
    Bread pudding with raisins

    In times when everything is getting more expensive, we don’t like to waste anything, then this bread pudding is a perfect dessert. So if you have some old bread lying around, you can use it perfectly as an ingredient for this bread pudding with raisins. For the coffee lovers, you can also use coffee with milk. As you will see, in this dessert you can mix or put in, whatever you like: sweet fruit like apple or bananas, dried fruit, nuts, and why not chocolate chips? Let your inspiration run wild and everytime you make this, you will have a different kind of breadpudding. For this bread pudding with raisins you need Ingredients 250 gr white old bread (8.8 oz) 200 g raisins (7 oz) 1…

  • Oatmeal cookies
    Oatmeal cookies

    Oatmeal cookies have a lot of benefits. Along with dark chocolate, nuts and raisins, it is full of “good stuff”. If you would like to read more about oatmeal, check all the benefits below the recipe. Enjoy!   Oatmeal cookies with apple and bananas 2 apples 2 bananas 50 gr nuts and raisins (1.7 ounces) 50 gr chocolate (1.7 ounces) 50 gr coconut oil (1.7 ounces) 120 gr oat flakes (4.2 ounces) A pinch of salt and cinnamon Preheat the oven to 170°C (338F). Grate the apples and crush the bananas. Mash the nuts and grate the chocolate. Put it all together in a bowl, mix the raisins and crushed note, chocolate, coconut oil and oat flakes. Season with a pinch of salt and a…

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