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Can Gordon Ramsay Make a Cheesy Green Pasta in 10 Minutes? | Ramsay in 10

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Can Gordon Ramsay Make a Cheesy Green Pasta in 10 Minutes? | Ramsay in 10

Welcome to ramsay in 10, where each week, i’m going to show you all how to make incredible dishes in just 10 minutes. I promise, but if you get them done in 10, 12 or 15 or 20 or even 30 minutes, i promise you. It doesn’t matter this series will teach you the skills to make you cook more confidently at home to all of you. This is ramsey and ten good luck, [, Music ] right come on. Let’S be honest, everybody is turning green, but have you done it with pasta?

Full of vegetables cooked in 10 minutes. I bet you haven’t, but after this you definitely will so. This dish is delicious full of flavor and trust me. Any member of your family is gon na love. This dish right, uh, oscar pandan.

Let me show the ingredients so obviously fusilli. Now, if you haven’t, got fusion, you can go with penne or even spaghetti: beautiful, fresh kale, lime, lemon garlic, arugula almonds parmesan and this little whizzer, it’s a beautiful nutribullet. That’S going to blend that beautiful green sauce! Then we’re going to finish that and run it through the pasta and then top that with some almonds right. Let’S get 10 minutes on the clock.

First off season that past the water, okay get the gas on there and be germs the olive oil. Okay, this olive oil sort of helps emulsify the sauce. Now garlic, okay, i said earlier: you can use a little chilli. Okay, don’t sweat about chopping! The garlic super fine, the finer, the garlic, the quicker it burns.

Okay, so just lightly slice that garlic and you know what from there in get that gas up and then again literally start frying that garlic off there now lightly seasoning. Okay, i’m gon na put a little touch of heat in mine, just a touch of chili flakes in there. Okay, once you start getting a bit of color on that garlic, okay, i’m gon na add my kale. Now the kale’s gon na be sort of lightly sauteed and then we’re gon na steam it at the end i’ll show you. Why get that in there and literally cover the base of the pan with that kale now, from there you’ll see this almost sort of wilt down, but not as fast as spinach and kale’s got that nice sort of rugged texture running through.

So it’s got some sort of it’s got some energy to it. Spinach disappears kale cooked beautifully a little touch of salt on top salt on bottom, a little touch of pepper olive oil drizzled on top okay, i’m gon na throw in a couple of the almonds. Just now to get a little bit toasty and make that sort of come together as a flavor pasta turn up the heat i like to cook the pasta quick. This is fusilli. Fresh pasta is going to cook literally in about three minutes.

Okay, get a nice gentle rolling boil and roll that pasta in there bring up the temperature super quick put the lid back on. I always like just to turn the pan that stops any pasta underneath literally sticking to the pot oscar pan down. Please i just want to look at this in here. The kale is starting to wilt down okay from there get yourself a ladle and then take some of the pasta water which is full of starch and just go round in there. That’S the noise!

You want to hear time please [ Music, ], two and a half minutes down. Nobody goes down right from there sweat that off turn the gas get that heat back in there and then look you see that kale starting to break down. Now i want to get a little bit of sort of zest going on a little bit, excitement to that green kale. So look in with my zest, and that starts to sort of make the kale a little bit more vibrant. Now look what’s happening: okay, the kale’s starting to sweat and break down past the water’s, giving it that really nice touch of starch a little bit of texture on top of that color of anchovies again optional.

But you need two or three nice salted anchovies chop them up; okay and literally just lift that up and throw them on top of the cow. Now give that a really nice stir, as that kale starts to cook okay smell with that citrus at the end just sort of lifts this, i don’t want to overcook the cow okay. I want some structure in there from there get your beautiful mix, collect all your kale sort of one side and fill up that beautiful little blender. Now you can use a blender or you can actually use a stick mix as well. This thing just does it beautifully and quick now from there look get that juice and literally just pour that inside can’t throw that away the flavor in there.

It’S crazy now look time, please, four minutes coming up to halfway. Give that pasta a little shake now before. I whiz that look, a little touch of olive oil, okay, a little touch of seasoning and then lid on now i’m going to break this down gently okay! I don’t want to go too puree, so it’s just literally on five seconds got this beautiful, amazing sauce. Now.

Look at that put that back into the pan. Now we start focusing on the seasoning spread that out and look what’s happened. It’S broken down and, like i said you can put that in a blender or even a stick mix. But now we start to correct the actual flavor halfway touch more olive oil in i’m gon na check my pasta and look bring that sauce down to sort of almost a sort of almost like a nice creamy, richy density, sort of texture that pasta’s beautiful out. Don’T over drain the pasta starch inside that fusilli really helps thicken the sauce, and now you bring the whole thing to boil.

Okay – and this is where it starts to sort of almost come alive, beautiful, come there, i’m going to start mixing that in and now you can see that nice, fresh, vibrant, green flavor, it’s a perfect dish for us at weekends, especially after a run or an hour. In the gym a couple of hours on the bike, this is something that is hearty incredibly healthy, but, more importantly, so good. Now we use the kale we’ve cooked the kale down. Sometimes i like to finish it with a bit of rocket as well inside the pasta. I’Ll show you that now that gives that nice little peppery flavor it goes all out now give that a little mix, and now you can see this whole dish coming together beautifully.

Now, from there turn the gas down and again, i’m gon na finish that literally with some fresh lemon, okay, i’m gon na add half of my rocket in fold that in literally and then with the other half i’m gon na dress that turn that in that’s beautiful Seven minutes in three minutes to go now that is beautiful off with a gas. Okay, give that a little shake the remainder of my fresh rocket, a touch of salt, olive oil, a touch of lemon juice, i’m just going to glaze that lightly and just sort of dot that around so i’ve got half rocket cooked and then that nice sort of Texture of my almonds, crunched through the hands in and then finally a nice, salty, beautiful, aged parmesan and go over the top and there you have literally a beautiful, fresh, vibrant, green, healthy pasta, dish done in under 10.

Boom time, please, you have one minute and 51 seconds remaining. I may be getting old, but, let’s be honest, i’m getting faster, bon appetit to all of you. Thank you for watching ramsay intent.

If i went too quick, i apologize but slow it down. Now don’t forget to pick up ramsey intent, cookbook inspired by this series and trust me you’re, going to come out a much better chef and if you like this video, don’t forget to subscribe to my amazing youtube channel for more good luck.

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