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Bon Appétit Has a New Look for Print, a New Podcast, and New Merch

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Bon Appétit Has a New Look for Print, a New Podcast, and New Merch

At Bon Appétit the art team is responsible for visually interpreting the stories and recipes we are so keen to share. In the December issue, we’re excited to unveil the print magazine’s redesign under the leadership of creative director Arsh Raziuddin. Building upon the singular style we’re already known for, Raziuddin, along with design director Caroline Newton, focused on “keeping the playfulness but stripping the noise.” We’ve updated our logo to feel more elegant and contemporary, and we created a custom typeface named Aperitif just for the magazine. It’s designed by Jeremy Mickel and inspired by the warmth of cookbook fonts from the 1960s and ’70s. Altogether, we hope it feels fresh yet timeless, like the best recipes.

Photographs by Isa Zapata

The print redesign is one of several changes happening at Bon Appétit. We’re launching a column called Small Plates, Big Opinions, highlighting how professionals really feed their kids, starting with Yotam Ottolenghi’s mejadra, a rice and lentil dish that his children love. We’ve updated our merch shop with new gifts for the food fans in your life (including yourself). Our website will have a new look in the coming months.

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