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79 Christmas Dinner Ideas That Make the Best Gift of All

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79 Christmas Dinner Ideas That Make the Best Gift of All

You’ve made your list and checked it twice: You really want that slow cooker and that aged balsamic vinegar. Now, enough with the presents—what about Christmas dinner ideas?

Maybe this year’s holiday meal calls for a grand entrée like a succulent prime rib roast. Or maybe the move is a Christmas dinner menu loaded with snacks: Gruyère-filled onion dip, classic aioli destined for crunchy crudités, or pimento cheese crackers. Or how about a samosa tart paired with creamy soup? Or maybe you want to go full-on comfort food and make lasagna or spinach-stuffed meatloaf? These are all very good ideas for Christmas dinner.

Whatever route you choose, Christmas cookies are the logical end to the holiday dinner—but of course we have Christmas dessert ideas too.

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