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53 Christmas Breakfast Ideas for an Extra Festive Morning

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53 Christmas Breakfast Ideas for an Extra Festive Morning

So you went big on Christmas Eve and have a full Christmas dinner feast lined up too. That doesn’t mean you don’t need Christmas breakfast ideas. You do. That’s why they call it a holiday season, not just a holiday. That can be interpreted as a time to indulge…if you want to interpret it that way. And we say, “why not?” Why should Christmas morning (or Christmas Day—brunch recipes are welcome) be any less special?

We’re not saying you need to break out the slow cooker or the sous vide machine (unless that’s what you got for Christmas and you want to take it on a test run). A holiday breakfast can still be an easy breakfast—but while everyone’s opening presents, why not whip up a coffee cake or an egg casserole? Our best Christmas breakfast ideas will guide you toward the kind of holiday morning you want to have, whether that’s quiet and low-key or a high-spirited frenzy.

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