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41 Thanksgiving Cocktails That’ll Really Shake Things Up

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41 Thanksgiving Cocktails That’ll Really Shake Things Up

Whether you’re sipping to celebrate or just to steel your nerves against great aunt Edna, these festive Thanksgiving cocktails will get you in the spirit. From mulled wine to warming hot toddies, big-batch punches, fizzy cranberry spritzes, and bourbon and whiskey classic cocktails, this collection of fall-flavored libations will get (and keep) the party rolling. Just like in our list of the best Thanksgiving recipes, there’s something here for everyone: We’re talking about the apple cider spritz that’s just a little fancy. The make-your-own-martini bar that’ll keep your guests from fussing in the kitchen. The warming toddy you can sip after Thanksgiving dinner.  And it’s not just about booze. Spiced ciders and citrusy N/A drinks (please don’t call it a mocktail) are refreshing Thanksgiving beverages for anyone choosing not to imbibe or just looking to pace themselves. Read on for our best Thanksgiving cocktails—and don’t forget the appetizers!

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