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15 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD!

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15 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD!

Oh, Gordon. Having to deal with bad food, bad chefs, bad restaurants, all the time. People might even forget that Gordon actually enjoys eating! Like we’ve seen in our two previous videos, it does happen. It’s just pretty rare.

That’s why we continued to search high and low so we could show more of those happier times in Gordon’s life. Perfect Sausage Rolls Sausage rolls are a popular British snack.

So, when Dustin decided to cook them for Gordon, he was making a bold move. Worse yet, Dustin got confused with Gordon’s nationality. This blunder wasn’t enough to take the excitement out of Ramsay though.

After all, he loves the dish. Dustin was apprehensive when Gordon took the first bite. But then, Gordon took another bite. And then another. Getting Gordon Ramsay to enthusiastically eat your whole dish is quite a life achievement.

Before we move on to more Gordon Gordon goodness, show your love and hit the subscribe button and never miss a new video from us here at Babble Top! Now, back to the show. The Miraculous Vegan Burger Just in case you don’t know, Gordon isn’t the biggest fan of veganism.

But then came Shayne, who made a vegan burger with avocado fries and a sriracha sauce. The fake meat was bound with black beans and brown rice.

With his first bite, Gordon was impressed. The avocado fries looked like a delicious snack, especially when dipped in that sriracha sauce. All in all, you could say that this burger was miraculous. Why? Impressing Gordon on Live TV You gotta wonder what’s wrong with the people who decided to compete in The F Word.

If Gordon hates your food, you going to have to endure all the criticism live and unedited. Here, he was going to try dishes from both teams. First, it’s the critique of the team “Licensed to Grill”. Now, it’s time for the next team, “chop it like it’s hot”. He dipped the quesadilla in the creamy avocado sauce, and it was just too tasty of a combo.

How about that? Gordon ate two dishes in a row, prepared by different groups, and loved both of them! That may be as rare as Halley’s Comet. Just Some Good Fries All different types of chefs, from all corners of the world, have tried to impress Gordon Ramsay and utterly failed. So imagine their reaction to this clip from the seventh season of Masterchef.

The challenge? To cook some good ol’ french fries. When it came time to critique Brandi’s fries, Gordon was at a loss for words. They look perfectly thick and were all pretty much uniform. They had very consistent cuts, with the same shape and length.

But, of course, they also tasted delicious. A cheap dessert When Luca got called up he wasn’t confident at all. He didn’t even believe his cake was properly cooked. Chef Joe was the first to evaluate, and lo and behold, Luca was wrong! Next up, it was Gordon’s turn to taste it.

The cake might have been cooked, but would Gordon find it good? Getting a “quite nice” from Gordon Ramsay is not a small accomplishment.

Bananas Foster from a Flamboyant Chef No one was quite like Tommy Walton, who was a fashion designer turned chef. But Tommy wasn’t just entertaining to watch. He was also a good chef.

When it came to the critiques, Tommy was called first. Which, as you can imagine, made him very happy. The inside held even more delicious ingredient – it harbored a sweetened cream cheese. For all of you who have a sweet tooth, this probably will look quite tempting. Gordon was wowed by it.

Gordon summed it up in just one word. A Kid Chef With A Phenomenal Dish Watching Masterchef Junior, you sometimes get the impression that some of these kids are even better than the adults. Take Remy’s lamb chops, for example. It looked like something straight out of an expensive restaurant.

Gordon was in awe – not surprisingly!

The meat was perfectly seared, just the way Gordon likes it. To sum things up, just let Gordon have the final word: “absolutely phenomenal”. An Impressive Salmon When the judges revealed the main ingredient of the challenge, Christian was one contestant who seemed sure he would do a good job. Showing confidence in reality shows, usually isn’t a great look, as editors often cut these scenarios in such a way to set up people to fail. But that wasn’t the case with Christian.

First of all, his plate looked amazing. When Ramsay cut the salmon open, you could almost taste it. It looked incredible. After getting so many compliments from Gordon, Christian even relaxed a bit. The salmon tasted amazing, with the spices on the dish tying it all together.

An “OMFG” dessert When Jenna was called to show her dessert to the judges, she was ecstatic.

Gordon was so excited he didn’t even wait for Jenna to finish talking. He just went ahead and tasted it! He tasted it but hid his reaction at first. He even laughed, seeing how the little chef was nervous.

It is Gordon we’re talking about, after all. He then dropped his facade. Gordon even let out an “OMFG”. Beef Wellington In the very first season of Masterchef Junior, the kids had to face a tough challenge. That almost seemed cruel to those kids.

Not only that, they had to make perfect mashed potatoes and sauteed broccolini. But wouldn’t you know, Troy and Alexander knocked it out of the park. But the question about this dish was if it was properly cooked on the inside. Gordon was stunned. He said it was phenomenal.

Beef Wellington, Second Round It wasn’t just one Beef Wellington that impressed Gordon.

Another team made a delicious rendition of his signature dish. Not only was it properly cooked, it looked so good even Joe was surprised. Gordon liked it so much, he was motivated to let out a bunch of adjectives. The chef was properly impressed by the 12 and 9-year-old kids.

We certainly want one now, after looking at both of these delicious dishes. A Show-Stopping Filet Mignon Here is Alexander again, cooking another perfect steak. This time, it’s a pan-seared filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes. The steak, once again, looked completely delicious. Gordon only had more good things to say about the meal.

At 13 years old, Alexander can stand tall among a row of professional chefs. You can say that Gordon found a kindred spirit in this little chef. Alexander’s Dessert Here, we have Alexander once again! If you thought he cooked a mean steak, wait until you see his desserts. Gordon was impressed with his choice.

The end result? You guessed it. Gordon took one bite and loved it. He even threw manners out the window, picking the cream of the plate out with his own hands. So, how would he be able to top himself?

Tasty Sardines From an ingredient in the mystery box, Sarah was able to make a professional looking dish. At 9 years old, that’s very impressive. Not something many kids would like to eat let alone cook, for that matter. For the critiques, Sarah first had to pass through Chef Joe. He asked her a bunch of questions.

Anyway, Joe loved the sardines. Gordon wasn’t any different. He complimented how good the dish looked and tasted. The salad was perfectly balanced and the sardines were delicious. The Perfectly Replicated Sashimi Coming up to the stands, Christine was a bit intimidated.

She had to perfectly recreate the flavor and plating of one of chef Graham’s dishes. Which sounds like a very hard thing to do for anyone. That’s why it was even more impressive when she hit it out of the park. Gordon was so impressed, in fact, that he called the other judges over.

Everything was right about the dish.

The position, the drizzle of the passionfruit. Gordon was in disbelief. No, he wasn’t. Christine was just that good. See?

Gordon does actually like other people’s food! He just has one of the highest standards out there. But when he does eat something delicious, he’s happier than a puppy. Don’t miss out on your chance to win an iPhone X! All you have to do is hit the subscribe button and the notification bell.

Then click the description to increase your odds of winning. Good luck!.

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